Shanghai GreatWall Security Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, it located in the beautiful Shanghai Hi-Tech Park, our factory is the industry’s leading outdoor security system research and development, sales, consulting and after-sales service enterprises, our factory is the member unit of Shanghai Safety precaution and Alarm Association, the security system provided by the GreatWall is renowned for its high reliability, high detection performance and low false positives and false positives. in the Perimeter security field, the GreatWall security is rapidly becoming China’s innovative security products supplier. The GreatWall brand perimeter security system provide professional solutions for the government, the military location, commercial, industrial, public places, power plants, water plants, oil depots, gas companies, VIP real estate, government, business and other major residential customers . We are successful in innovation and uniqueness, and we will continue to explore the future.

Over the past 12 years, the secret of the GreatWall security continued high speed growth lies in technological innovation. GreatWall Security product development engineers, market personnel and on-site technical service personnel have always been tireless efforts to promote the development of perimeter security products, and continuously meet the needs of industry customers. because of their outstanding contribution, our company has applied for a number of patents, each month an average of more than 40 different industry customers choose the GreatWall security products , Through inventing, improving and perfecting products, our company can meet different needs with modern technology, which is the motive force of science and technology innovation always in the Great Wall Security Center position.

Corporate Culture:
Continue to explore and strive to meet the needs of different industries .
Symbiosis, pursue more harmonious customer relationship .
Mutual trust, establish and perfect benefit sharing mechanism .
Excellence, for customers to do better quality products .

Company Philosophy:
Business philosophy: Continuously develop more sophisticated, safer, more reliable outdoor safety systems, and constantly explore to meet the needs of different industries .
Service philosophy: Based on open business relations, mutual exchange and innovation, symbiosis, long-term development.
Management philosophy: mutual trust, adhere to mutual commitment, share responsibility, maximize personal creativity and team strength.
Quality philosophy: Focus on quality management and technical innovation is the way of enterprise sustainable management. Talent philosophy: Competitive talent.
Enterprise goal: to become the most influential and competitive enterprise in the outdoor safety system industry.